All our electronic products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture.

To enforce the guarantee, the customer will have to send back the defective product to our tecnical service. The product repaired or replaced will be shipped free of charge to the customer.
If you want to enforce the guarantee of a product, please contact us indicating your order number. We will provide instructions for managing the product warranty.
The guarantee will be managed at the following address:
Guillermo Marconi 11 20B
Paterna Technology Park
46980 Valencia
For the brands Samsung and Apple,the returns and refunds will be accepted under the following terms:
A. Only we accept returns into the first 14 days and only in the event that the product has a manufacturing defect. Once the service of the corresponding manufacturer certifies the defect, we will proceed to refund or replacement of the product, for which the product must be returned in perfect condition in its original packaging and accessories factory.
B. returns and refunds for terminals that are returned in the first 14 days will also be accepted, and the factory seal  hasn't been opened, the product must be returned in perfect condition, the return costs are borne by the buyer. We reserve the right to refuse admission.
This warranty does not apply in the following cases:
Damage to the charging system for high voltages and voltage fluctuations in electrical current, or the use of chargers to the specifications determined use.
Damage by abnormal use of the product and / or customer negligence: beating, removal, testing, operation, maintenance, improper installation and adjustments, or derived from any alteration or modification of any kind incurred by the customer.
When the product has been exposed to load programs, applications and / or software so that affect the operating system, or any alteration to the operating system that is inappropriate for the proper functioning.
The products that will have changed the serial number or made illegible both the hardware and / or in the operating system.
The LCD screen or product, either by tears or detachment of the internal liquid.
Batteries and accessories own product.
Damage resulting from food, liquids and exposure to moisture.
Damage by fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature.
cosmetic damage on all surfaces and exhibits abroad.
Damages for improper use of the product when not used according to the instructions that came with your phone provided by the manufacturer.


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