Security Customs

In we offer the possibility of taking out insurance Customs, so you can buy with confidence knowing that we take care of customs costs.

This insurance is a supplement applies only to shipments to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) with Registered Standard shipping mode, and costs 10 €. This insurance covers the costs of taxes and customs clearance to be applied to your package.
You can find more information on the mode of shipping Standard Registered in the Shipping section
For the insurance Customs should choose Standard Registered Shipping + Insurance Customs in the "Shipping Method" section at checkout.
If you have hired our Customs and sure your package has been the subject of customs duties, please contact us by e-mail to, in which it is included:
Order number
Copy of the bill customs costs attributable to that order number
The bill customs costs will be delivered by the postman with your package. You must pay the invoice at the time of delivery of the package.
Once we receive your email and reviewed your case, we will refund the full amount of customs costs a maximum of 3 working days and through the same payment method used to place the order.


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